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The Marketing Plan Blueprint

How to Cut Through the Complexity & Create (or re-create) a Plan for Success!

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Get Your 100% FREE Blueprint Today:
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Meet Dan Kuschell

In almost 30 years of running 11+ companies, Dan has learned a lot from generating over 250,000 clients online and off. 

Business owners waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars with the wrong marketing approach.

The Marketing Checklist is a blueprint with new actionable, marketing strategies, so you can avoid losing money (and time) because of costly marketing mistakes.  I want to help you avoid the #1 MISTAKE most people make in their marketing. 

Because marketing is hard.  But not having a successful marketing system is harder.  Good marketing should always give you a positive R.O.I.  It should PAY YOU to put in place. 

Get the checklist to get, stay, and keep on track - without complexity. 
- Dan Kuschell
Founder, Breakthrough3x

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